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Effects and Benefits of Raw Food for your Pet and its Diet

Posted by Karl Mäe on

Studies have proven that the companionship provided to humans by pets such as dogs and cats is considered to be very fruitful. The love and emotional support we receive from our pets is incomparable to the love we receive from humans.

Pets are the reasons a lot of people don’t feel lonely at night; they reduce stress levels and help us develop positive emotional health. Hence it is no doubt that pets are an integral part of our lives. It is very important, that we focus on our responsibilities as a pet owner.

Pets are not only there to play with us at home. Pets, especially dogs, are responsible for carrying out many social events, they help firemen, they help in the army, in hospitals as therapy puppies, in saving the people affected by natural disasters and in so many other ways as well.

Give your pet a treatment they have earned

When such a huge responsibility lies at their little paws, we must treat them right and there is nothing better than to feed them food they crave for. Freeze-dried raw dog food is an excellent choice to provide them with all the essential nutrients.

Pets are natural raw food eaters. According to evolution, pets such as dogs and cats hunt birds and small rats for survival. Humans can’t digest raw meat, so we cook it, but while doing so, we also reduce its nutrition level.

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The digestive systems of our pets are naturally designed in such a way that they not only like raw meat, but also gain a lot of nutrition from it. So why prevent our pets from eating the food they were born to eat - provide them with the benefits of freeze-dried dog food.

Our Contribution

With so many pets getting shelter these days, it becomes the responsibility of the pet owner to provide natural, balanced, and healthy nutrients to them. Sadly, today, we can’t trust any dog food by its label, and above all, we can’t even trust the quality of the packaged food we eat.

Thankfully, an alternative has emerged that is 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. Single ingredient freeze-dried raw dog food snacks introduce a great way to offer some variety to your pet’s diet. People tend to feed their dogs fatty foods that reduce their health and make them heavier and unhealthy. By giving them raw freeze-dried dog treats from time to time instead will make them feel more energized, their coat will acquire its natural glow and shine and its also good for their digestion.

What Is Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food?

Freeze-drying is a process where all the water and moisture is removed from the subject in a frozen vacuum environment. But meanwhile, it keeps all the nutrients of the raw material and helps to preserve the product longer without any additives or preservatives.

When your dogs are saving lives daily, you need to ensure that they get proper nutrients and that can be ensured by feeding them freeze-dried grain-free dog food. Dogs and cats can chew raw meat and by giving them raw meat, you are ensuring that they are utilizing their teeth in the right way and that will satisfy their need instead of chewing on your shoes and sofas.

Is freeze-dried raw food good for dogs?

There are two very distinct features about freeze-dried dog food that rise above all else:

1.      Longer preservation: It is scientifically proven that low moisture food stays longer. And since freeze-dried food is 100% pure and contains only 5 to 6% of moisture, it lasts longer. So, this is not only healthy but also economically sustainable.

2.      Dogs love the taste of freeze-dried raw food: Dogs love these raw treats since it is raw meat and that is what is evolutionarily beneficial for them. It is also healthy for dogs who are not well - they find it easy to chew and it will also help them recover their health.

Freeze-Dried vs Dehydrated Dog Food:

There are many myths that say that since freeze-dried foods are low in moisture, they tend to dehydrate our pets. Well, let’s put an end to such myths and replace them with freeze-dried dog food benefits instead.

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Dehydrated Dog Food:

In ancient times, food was dehydrated to help it last longer. In order to dehydrate meat, vegetables, or fruits, manufactures used to heat-treat them before adding preservatives. But today, dry hot air is passed through them and the moisture of the air is further removed from the food.

While using this method, the food takes around 10 minutes to rehydrate once it comes in contact with saliva. Dogs tend to eat the food before the 10-minute time period and so the food lacks water content causing dehydration in our pets.


Freeze-drying is a method in which meat, vegetables, and fruits are stored at very low temperatures and allowed to freeze. By doing this, the water vaporization occurs at a very low temperature and all the natural ingredients of the food remain inside. Hence, the loss of nutrients by heating the food is avoided.

By freeze-drying, your dog can enjoy the nutrients from every freeze-dried grain-free dog food. When this treat comes in contact with the saliva, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to rehydrate, hence allowing all the water to be restored within the pet’s mouth before the food swells inside.

Your Pet Matters

There is no doubt that our pets have become an essential part of our lives, and its obvious they leave no stone unturned to enlighten our lives with their sweet little paws.

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We may not be able to give back the love our pets have for us, but we can only ensure that they are taken care of nicely. When we adopt a pet, we make a soul happy and by fueling them with proper nutrition like freeze-dried natural dog food, we can grant them even more happiness and satisfaction.

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