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Using Freeze Dried Pet Foods and Snacks is More Convenient than Frozen Foods

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The raw food diet has become very popular in recent years; in fact, some of the most popular items of the raw food diet are pet treats that have been freeze dried, rather than frozen. Why is the raw food diet taking off? The raw food diet is more in line with our pets’ evolutionary nutritional needs. In other words, raw foods are what our pets’ ancestors ate in the wild.

Many veterinarians promote this diet as the healthiest for our pets, while pet foods based on grains could even harm pets’ health. The raw diet includes pet foods, snacks, treats and more, which those that are freeze dried.

Freeze-dried dog and cat snacks are not new; in fact, they’ve been around for quite a while. However, they are becoming more popular with pet parents.

What are Freeze Dried Pet Snacks?

Raw pet snacks and treats that are freeze dried, rather than cooked or frozen, are a healthy option for your pets.

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Pet snacks made from raw ingredients such as bones (ground or whole), muscle & organ meats, vegetables and fruits, are all safe for your dog or cat. These snacks may also include some dairy (such as yogurt) and raw eggs.

What does “Freeze Dried” Mean?

The term “freeze dried” refers to the process used to preserve the ingredients in the raw pet snacks. Freeze drying removes all moisture in the raw ingredients. Moisture removal is key; bacteria and other microorganisms require water to live.

When water is removed from the raw food ingredients in the freeze-drying process, the bacteria and other organisms (including mold) are not able to live. The raw ingredients are preserved without the loss of vital nutrients, and no chemicals, preservatives or additives are used in this process. Your pet’s snacks won’t spoil, while providing all the natural flavors and nutrition they need.

How Long Does Freeze Dried Meat Last?

Unopened, freeze-dried meats can last for several years. However, keep in mind that the ingredients still contain a bit of moisture, causing the pet snacks to eventually go bad.

If you have an unopened bag of pet snacks that’s been around for more than a year, it may still be good. To test the snacks to see if they’ve spoiled, just open the bag and do the smell test. If the snacks smell “off” in any way, then throw them away.

Also, be sure to check the bag’s expiration date—this is the best guide to whether or not the snacks are safe to give your fur baby.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Pet Snacks

Freeze-dried pet snacks offer many benefits—let’s take a look. Freeze-dried snacks and treats:

  • Last longer than fresh snacks
  • Offer better nutrition than snacks and treats that are process using heat
  • Contain no harmful preservatives, additives or flavorings
  • Save time over the preparation of fresh raw treats and snacks—no thawing or cooking involved
  • Are easy to re-hydrate—just add a little warm water to hydrate the snacks

In addition, freeze-dried pet snacks and treats are easy to carry with you anywhere. Why? Because there’s no need to keep the food refrigerated or frozen. So, they’re easy to take on a trip to the beach, hiking or even when visiting family and friends. This way you are able to guarantee proper nutrition to your pet everywhere you go.

feeding freeze dried snacks

Another great benefit is that freeze-dried pet treats are more environmentally friendly. They require no additional processing, refrigeration, freezing, etc., making these treats a great option that’s more sustainable and friendly for the environment.

As you can see, freeze-dried pet snacks and treats have many benefits, including better nutrition, and are convenient, as well as easy to use. The best benefit of all? Your pet’s happiness and excellent health from eating treats and snacks prepared only from the finest and healthiest raw ingredients.

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