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15 years ago, I considered my then golden retriever old - he was 9 years old. I wanted to guarantee my old friend the best possible retirement days. After studying the dog diet more closely, I gradually replaced the regular dry food with raw food. As the diet changed, so did my dog – the swelling went away, he lost some excess weight and felt refreshed. The 9 year old Golden Retriever was not an old man anymore!

My furry family got an addition 7 years ago when Kössi the Spanish Greyhound was found along a motorway near Malaga, Spain. Our common journey began just a few weeks after we both arrived back in Finland. Very soon it became clear that Kössi had an exceptional natural talent for using his nose. Before setting up a pet hotel, I had been ill with indoor air problems and one day I decided that I would train a pet dog I could use to help people stay healthy. Since Kössi’s nose was a real treasure, I started training him right away.

My training method includes operant conditioning based on multiple iterations. For each successful performance, the dog is rewarded with food / snacks. During the day of training, the dog might get all of its daily food as a reward for the tasks. The significance of the reward is very important – the better the reward, the more the motivation will increase. If the snacks are not motivating enough, the dog won't be interested in learning anymore.

I didn’t want to reward the dogs with some mass-produced pet snacks of questionable quality and origin. The regular industrial snack products often gave my dogs loose stomachs, flatulence etc. Then it occurred to me that there were no clean, simple and organic snacks on the market that would support my dog’s normal diet. However, I knew I wanted to offer my dogs only the best possible pay to motivate them for the best possible performance.

That’s how the idea of freeze-dried raw food snacks and Best Barf came into being! Today, all my scent dogs get pure, nutritious and tasty raw food as a reward for a job well done and their motivation stays high throughout the day. This is something I wish to share with You as well!

kössi ja susanna


Susanna Paavilainen, Founder

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