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Effects and Benefits of Raw Food for your Pet and its Diet

Posted by Karl Mäe on

The digestive systems of our pets are naturally designed in such a way that they not only like raw meat, but also gain a lot of nutrition from it. So why prevent our pets from eating the food they were born to eat - provide them with the benefits of freeze-dried dog food.

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How Much Freeze Dried Food and Snacks Can I Feed My Dog or Cat?

Posted by Karl Mäe on

To begin incorporating freeze dried foods into your pet’s diet, consider their weight and their typical activity level. You can replace a complete meal of dry or wet food with freeze dried food. To do so, simply replace the amount of cups of food per meal with the corresponding amount of grams of freeze dried food.

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Kössi is sniffing cancer for a salary of freeze dried raw food snacks

Posted by Peeter Lillestik on

The Spanish sighthound Kössi was found as a puppy in a cardboard box on a Malagan highway. Now the 7-year-old dog is a top-notch sniffing dog, with a nose for an important cause. Kössi is sniffing samples and tries to find cancer from them. Dogs are superior in finding cancer when compared to machines. Kössi is ready to start his job immediately and can’t wait for permission to do it. He’s fussing around like any other dog, sometimes jumping on the lap and licking the face of the reporter. Shortly the task is prepared and Kössi can start his work. A row of urine samples have been set on the floor and one of them is from a cancer patient....

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