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Sustainable development

We in Best Barf would like to be completely transparent with our customers. The sustainable development is one of our key fundamentals we strongly believe in and the ideas of preserving the environment for future generations is something we will gladly share and promote among our partners and clients.

Minimal and sustainable packaging

All of our products are packaged in simple, unbleached, minimal ecological footprint Kraft paper bags and boxes. In addition, most of our end-consumer products are packaged only when we have finalized the orders from our customers. This helps us to avoid overstock and minimizes the need for excess packaging. It is also possible to order in bulk and larger containers to again, reduce the waste we do not really need. These small steps in our production chain help to have as little impact as possible to environment we all care about.

Our contribution to save energy

With the help of modern state of the art freeze drying technology, we save a substantial amount of energy by not keeping our raw food in cold chain until they are finally consumed by our furry companions. Freeze drying is about removing all the water and humidity from the raw food using the sublimation technique in a vacuum environment. This process, however, retains over 90% of all the necessary macro- and micronutrients, which makes it much more desirable than other drying or preservation techniques. On top of all that, the end result – nutritious raw food snack - is much more energy-efficient to store, since it doesn’t need to be kept in freezer until finally used.

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