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Natural and Domestic Raw Food

Our aim is to offer the healthiest and most natural flavors on the market for dogs, cats and other meat-eating pets. BARF (Bones and Raw Food) With Barf raw food, you can diversify your pet's diet and it contains all the nutrients your pet needs.

Domestic raw material from Northern Europe

All of our products are made from different 100% natural and 100% Finnish and Estonian domestic types of meat, such as chicken, lamb, deer and horse. Finnish products are reputable in Europe and all over the world. All of the sources are constantly checked and verified to be free of any antibiotics, preservatives or additives. This enables us to always guarantee the quality and freshness of the end-product, that you can feed to your pet carefree.

Our suppliers:

High nutritional value

The content of our freeze-dried raw products is about 90% of the original nutritional value, but only about 25% of the original weight. For example, a 100 g package has the same nutritional values as 400 g of raw food. Your pet can enjoy raw snacks either dry or moistened with water, in which case they resemble the original shape and texture of meat.

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